About Us

Meditec Medical, a wholly Irish owned company, with headquarters in Dublin, has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting edge technology in the area of pressure relief mattresses, and patient support surfaces. We are driven to the provision of products, supported by clinical evidence, in order that the healthcare professional can enhance patient care.

Meditec Medical is synonymous with quality innovative medical equipment. Today with a host of therapeutic support surfaces we can offer the most complete range of pressure relief surfaces for patients at any risk level, and in any setting. In addition to the provision of products manufactured by ourselves, we constantly seek out overseas manufacturers of premium medical equipment, in order that we can source products consistent with our standards, that will enable us to enhance patient care.

A young energetic company, our team, as a group and as individuals are dedicated to the concept of continuous improvement. We continually strive to deliver better solutions to our customers. Our aim is develop our product and service offerings, we wish to provide support to caregivers and patients alike through whatever vehicles prove most effective.

In our mission to improve our product and service offerings, we seek to develop partnerships with healthcare professionals, to guide us as we work to enhance patient care. We will listen to all stakeholders, we take on board their advice, and their opinions as we create the solutions that best meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

Product and service offerings may vary in different markets, to ensure that we can provide you with the best solutions please contact your local Meditec Medical representative.

Mission and Vision

Our key objective as an organisation is to deliver enhanced patient care. We will achieve this goal, through the manufacture of premium healthcare products, as well as constantly monitoring global developments in the medical equipment arena. By sourcing the most innovative and unique products we compliment the product lines that we create and produce ourselves, to the most stringent standards.

To enable us to develop and source the products, services, and solutions that meet the ever changing needs of patients and professionals, we seek to build close relationships, and share interests with our partners in the provision of better healthcare.

Meditec Medical was registered in 1999.