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What are the workplace safety concerns addressed by the StaminaLift® 5000?

Will the StaminaLift® 5000 work with all beds and equipment?

The universal feature of the 5000 is designed to work with most standard beds in the global market. It will also work with most stretchers, trolleys and bariatric beds.

How does the StaminaLift® 5000 attach to equipment?

The patented StaminaLift “Connect & Lock” jaw assembly safely grabs and lifts the castor assembly at either the foot or the head end of the bed, adding only 180-200mm length to most standard hospital beds.

How will StaminaLift® make a difference?

Injury elimination – following introduction of StaminaLift bed movers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (South Australia) bed moving injuries were reduced to zero.(1)

Requires minimal muscle activation and improves posture

According to results of a study undertaken by the Flinders University Medical Device Partnering Program.(2) The study compared the dual drive StaminaLift machine with a single drive machine and manual pushing. The StaminaLift mover was found to require significantly less muscular effort, particularly in the muscles of the lumbar spine.

Technical Specifications

Max load capacity 300 kg lift and 600 kg push or pull
660 lbs lift and 1320 lbs push or pull
Max operating incline 7 degrees
Weight 160 kg/352 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) In Use: 780mm x 925mm x 1220mm - (31in. x 35in. x 48in.)
In Storage: 780mm x 935mm x 480mm - (31 in. x 37 in. x 19 in.)
Shipped: 852mm x 1051mm x 605 - (34in. x 41in. x 24in.)
Batteries Sealed maintenance free GEL batteries.
Recharge Nightly recharge recommended using supplied automatic charger
Warning device Horn (warning device) on control unit
Security Electronic locking function available, refer to operators manual
Wheels Non-marking, suitable for indoor use on a variety of surfaces
Controls Programmable, ergonomic joystick for control of direction, speed and jaw movement
Safety features
Automatic brakes / Emergency shut-down button
Emergency Jaw release – allows override of lowering mechanism
Emergency Brake release – allows override of brake mechanism
Safety features to prevent unauthorized use
Motor Two variable drive DC electric motors
Servicing Semi-Annual
Compatible Standards Compliance with:
ISO 14971:2012
EN 980:2008
EN 60601-1:2006:A12:2014
EN 60601-1-2:2007/AC:2010
EN 60601-2-52:2010/AC:2011
CE mark


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  • (2) 2. Gunther P, Daniell N, Gall P, Galindo H, Cottrell G. Project report: Operator strain study. September 2010. Flinders University Medical Device Partnering Program.