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Galaxy Plus Pediatric Bed

New Safety Requirements

According to standard EN 60 601-2-52 for electric beds, handrails should minimize the risk of trapping the patient’s head, neck or limbs to avoid possible fatal accidents.


The dual regression system of the GALAXY PLUS PEDIATRIC bed allows the backrest section to be adjusted (11cm), reducing bedsore to a minimum.


The cardiac chair position is fundamental for patients suffering from heart and respiratory problems, aiding their recovery. Medical personnel may sit the patient in our new bed at the touch of a button, using the automated positioning system of the GALAXY PLUS PEDIATRIC beds.


Satellite control panel

Clear pictograms for patients and medical staff.

Nurses control panel

A panel for the sole use of medical personnel that allows different bed functions to be activated or overridden. It also incorporates certain preprogrammed functions at the touch of a button (Trendelenburg, CPR, cardiac seat and memory position)

Patient control panel

The patient’s control panel includes two functions that allow the bed to be positioned in the cardiac seat position and fully horizontal.


Our high quality products reduce cleaning time by up to 30%.

Smooth surfaces and removable panels allow easy and fast cleaning, and disinfection.


When the bed is connected to the electricity supply, this alarm alerts medical staff when the brake system is activated. The bilateral height-adjustment pedal allows the bed height to be adjusted to the most adequate position in order to reduce the risk of injury. As an added safety function, the pedal is automatically blocked when not in use.


The fifth wheel facilitates the rotation of the bed, reducing the effort when moving it.


  1. Completely motorised bed with scissor system.
  2. Maximum permitted load: 230 Kg.
  3. Bed base made up of 4 independent ABS modules.
  4. Integrated bed extension (+15cm).
  5. Patient control panel.
  6. Nurse’s control panel.
  7. GO safety button.
  8. Autoregression (11 cm backrest / 7 cm pelvis).
  9. Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  10. 150 mm diameter castors with fairing.
  11. Protective bumpers.
  12. Lower fairing in ABS.
  13. Four supports for serum posts and lifting pole.
  14. Cable support.
  15. Mattress retainers.
  16. Central braking system.
  17. Steering castor.
  18. Back rest angle indicator and TR/ATR.
  19. Bilateral supports for accessories.
  20. 8 hooks for restraint straps.


  1. Holder for urine bag (REF. CHA20).
  2. Lifting pole (REF. CHA17).
  3. IV Drip pole (REF CHA15).

Optional Equipment

  1. Metal fold-down side rails (REF. CHV50).
  2. Independent ABS side rails (REF. CHV53).
  3. Side railings with controls (REF CHV84).
  4. Bilateral height adjustment pedal with blocking function (REF. CHV83).
  5. Fifth wheel (REF. CHV 24).
  6. Brake alarm activated / deactivated (REF. CHA30) .
  7. Adjustable lamp (REF. CHA28).
  8. Satellite control panel (REF. CHV81).
  9. X-Ray cassette holder (REF. CHV26).

Electrical Specifications

Power supply 230/110V 50/60Hz
Maximum current intake 1.6A, 370 Volt.
Liquid ingress protection indicator IP 66
Protection class Class I
Electrical shock protection Type B

Technical Specifications

External dimensions 190 x 86 cm.
Patient surface 177x70 cm.
Height adjustment 37,5 - 77,5 cm.
Backrest tilting 70°
Legrest tilting 45°
Backrest autoregression plane 11 cm.
Trendelemburg / antitrendelemburg +- 16°
Weight without accessories 150 kg.
Maximum working load 230 kg.
Bed extension +- 15 cm.