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by MD R. Ihrman Patent Pend.

IceBand® is ideal for cooling and compression therapy - two key elements of postoperative rehabilitation*

By using the PCE™ technology (Phase Changing Element), IceBand obtains an active cooling phase within the therapeutic interval for at least 60 minutes.

* During the acute inflammatory phase, the first 72 hours, and during the reparative phase, 72 hours to 6 weeks after injury/surgery cooling has a positive effect (6).

Reduced rehabilitation time

Enhanced pain relief

  • The controlled cryotherapy raises the pain threshold allowing for the possible reduction of pain relief medication

Easy to use

  • During rehabilitation Iceband can be applied by the patient and is safe and easy to use at home.


My experience of cold treatment is long and I have used every known method of cooling for nearly 25 years. Since the introduction of IceBand® I use it regularly in my business as orthopedic and sports physician and also for national and international sport events.

Lars Göran Hassel, Specialist in orthopedics, sports physician, MedicRehab Jönköping


IceBand® cryotherapy trial at BMI, Birmingham UK.

Trial undertaken on 10 patients admitted for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Consultants, theatre/recovery staff and nurse/health care assistants were instructed on how and when to utilise the IceBand®.

The patients used IceBand® at intervals of one hour on and one hour off until deemed fit for discharge. The patients then completed a post treatment questionnaire.

All cooling products should be handled with care and only be used in accordance with instructions from a physician. Should not be used if you suffer from cold allergy, Raynauds phenomenon or cryoglobulinaemia.

Questionnaire results were as follows:
  • 95% of the patients responded in favour of the IceBand® being comfortable during cold therapy.
  • 80% of the patients felt that the IceBand® assisted with pain relief (down to 1 on the pain score), while one of the patients reported no change in pain relief and the other was uncertain whether to credit any relief to the IceBand® itself or ongoing drug regimen.
  • 100% of the patients deemed the IceBand® suitable for home use.