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The Medicare is a high specification therapeutic support surface that can be converted to an alternating therapy system by adding a discreet pump to deliver additional levels of pressure relief. There is no need to order a new mattress, move or transfer the patient, thereby minimising any discomfort. This reduces the manual handling for the caregivers and immediately starts the necessary clinical intervention when required.

Castellated Foam

Medicare is constructed from a firm foam base and perimeter, along with castellated foam topper to maximise pressure reduction. Castellated Foam maximises pressure reduction while relieving surface tension on the foam.

These castellated foam sections offer a stable support surface along with improved comfort for the patient.

The design and advanced material of the castellation foam sections allow the foam to maximise the alternating behaviour of the cell construction.

Cell Construction

A layered air cell construction within the support surface allows the static system to perform alternating therapy. The tubes that supply air to the cells sit into securely designed channels providing added comfort for the patient.

Control Air Unit

When a patient requires additional therapy a pump can be connected transforming the support surface from static to an alternating therapy system. This enhances capillary flow and reduces interface pressures with automatic pressure controls. This technology provides the comfort of a static foam mattress with the therapeutic benefit of alternating pressure by inflating the air cells between the foam base and the castellated foam.


The cover is 10,000 ppm chlorine resistant, multi stretch polyurethane welded cover. The cover conforms to the deep contoured castellation on the upper layer of the surface. It also helps to reduce shear and friction forces. The welded seams and full length flap conceals the zip reducing the risk of fluid ingress.

Technical Specifications

  • Fire Retardancy: Foam & filings are in compliance with S.I. 1324 (crib 5 source 5 (I.S. 419)
  • Finished Product Retardancy: Finished Product is compliant with B.S.7177 (Mattress Medium) – Hazard 0,1+5
  • User weight limit: 200kg
  • Warranty: 5 years. Copy of warranty upon request
  • Quality: Manufactured under ISO9002 ACCREDITATION AND IS REGISTERED AS A Class 1 CE medical product
  • Dimensions: Standard 198X86X15cm
  • Products can be manufactured to your dimensions