Administrative Support & Management Reporting

Meditec Medical is committed to the continuity and reliability of service delivery.

The Meditracker Management System is used to place control systems on any required methods, indicators and timelines, corrective action, review meetings. These measurements are hospital specific. Meditracker allows the Managers, Representatives and Operatives to have an ongoing up-to-date overview of all aspects of service delivery at any given time. The Customer Service team is experienced and trained to understand the importance of accurate and timely fulfilment of all customer orders. Meditec Medical ensures that holiday leave is staggered in order that there is no adverse effect on customer service or product availability. In case of emergency where extra resources are required, Meditec Medical will use the services of Pharmaforce who are specialists in Contract Sales outsourcing for the healthcare Industry. Activity/business level reports are available through our Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) programme to customers and the HSE as requested.