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StarLock Cushion

Innovative Starlock Technology creates a multitude of zones offering unprecedented positioning and stability. The Starlock set-up is quite simple... adjust the Starlock like a traditional single valve air cushion. Using the attached bulb pump, inflate the locking mechanism to secure client position. When locked, the amount of air volume created in each individual air cell by virtue of the set-up procedure will remain... creating a very personalized seating surface, without the cost of a custom cushion.

Leaving a lasting impression

For many years, it has been well noted by therapists worldwide that multi-celled air cushion technology is the best proven system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. By greatly decreasing peak pressures, blood flow is maintained for tissue viability. The advancement of the Starlock goes several steps further by addressing three basic issues that in the past, many have viewed as a compromise when using multi-celled air cushions...Positioning, Stability and Transfers. With the Starlock, there is no compromise! The Starlock achieves this by our unique “Cell Locking Technology.” In lieu of adding valves to the cushion for dual-zone or four-zone cushioning, the Starlock locks up each air cell into the desired position. By this “locking action” all three of these concerns are answered...while still maintaining soft, flexible air cells for overall tissue maintenance.