Judy's Story

Hear what a motor-neurone disease sufferer has to say about the Meditec Pro 2000 XT support surface.

Meet Susan, a PRO2000XT User

Listen to her, in her own words, explain why the PRO2000XT is in a class of it’s own.

It's all about perspective.

Before I was in a wheelchair, a wheelchair was just a wheelchair. I knew nothing about them, about the different types or the different quality involved. Why would I? I knew no one in a wheelchair and was not in one myself. It amazes me now to think back upon how unaware I was, as unaware as someone who has never visited a nearby country and knows nothing of life there.

A wheelchair is not a wheelchair and a bed is not a bed.

When you are in a wheelchair, the particular wheelchair and bed you inhabit becomes crucial to your standard of living. I am either sitting in my chair or lying in my bed, therefore the particular chair or bed takes on a central role in my life.

Before I got the wheelchair that I have I couldn't lie flat in bed because my back was so sore from sitting in my chair all day. In the power chair I have now I can stand and stretch my back and, as such, can lie flat and have no back pain. Thus, technology has a massive influence on my life.

It's all about perspective. Someone will tell you one thing and someone will tell you another. It's about meeting the right person, with the right knowledge for you and access to funding.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing Occupational Therapist who sourced my power chair and the funding for it from the HSE. Then I was lucky again. I met Simon Murray from Meditec.

I was in hospital at the time and had my current standing chair but was lacking two vital things: the right seat cushion and the right pressure relieving air mattress.

Simon educated me, not just on the impact and difference a quality air mattress could make but in what real care and service can be. Because when there was a problem with raising the funding Meditec's response was simple: they let me have the mattress for nothing.

My bottom was in an awful state with pressure sores, which, I learnt, is what happens when you are sitting and lying on the wrong seat or mattress.

An air mattress is not an air mattress.

I went through three different kinds before Meditec entered my life. And since they have, I have a normal, healthy bottom again with no pressure sores.

It's all about perspective, knowledge, trust and the right people. And that's what I found in Meditec.

Simon Fitzmaurice, December 2011

You are in exceptional hands, when you have a product, a service and a company, that are as patient focused as Meditec Medical.

Ann Fitzpatrick, Director of Nursing, St. Theresa's Nursing Home, Dublin Rd, Thurles

Brookhaven Nursing Home has recently undertaken clinical trials for the use of Pro 2000XT and we found these products to be excellent and of huge benefit to the two Residents involved. These mattresses are of superior quality, very user friendly and superbly manufactured. We have also purchased Starlock cushions which again were off superior quality and have proved to be of great benefit to the Residents involved. The Meditec Team from Sales to Service personnel have been extremely pleasant and attentive and provided a first class professional service.

Bernadette Brennan Fennelly, Director of Care, Brookhaven Nursing Home, Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny