Training / Education

All staff are comprehensively trained on the skills set required for competent delivery of their role responsibilities.

All employees receive relevant Health & Safety training. Those employees within the Decontamination Unit receive Fire Safety training and the relevant specific training with regard to product decontamination.

For employees who will have direct contact with hospital staff and will be responsible for sales, delivery, maintenance, removal, product training, the following training is also delivered:

Upon awarding of any Contract/Business, the following training is completed with the relevant employees who will be responsible for the delivery of said contract/business.

  1. Identify the Managers, Representatives and Supervisors relevant to the participating hospitals. Where roles need to be filled or adjusted, this will be done at this time.
  2. Senior management will confirm that employees in all above roles are experienced in service delivery and any training gaps within the team will be addressed.
  3. Meet with team relevant to the participating hospitals to advise which products have been awarded. Team will agree on process for sharing of all relevant information in order to ensure continuity and reliability of service. This may include daily updates, weekly meetings and agreement of location of important documents on company shared IT drive. Relevant information metrics of the Meditracker Management System will be identified and measurement metrics actioned.
  4. Training on each product will be given with regard to relevant regulatory standards, CE marking and EU directives.
  5. Any hospital specific service requirements and/or product specifications will be identified, discussed and responsibility allocated to relevant Manager.
  6. Managers, Representatives and Supervisors will receive in-depth training on relevant product specifications usage with particular focus on any specific service requirements of individual hospitals and will also be trained on the appropriate use of product brochures and product operations manuals. Full details of Product Track Records will be made available and discussed.
  7. During training, particular focus is placed on the correct procedure for in-hospital cleaning of products. Meditec Medical will ensure that relevant Managers, Representatives and Supervisors are competent in the training of hospital staff in the correct cleaning procedures.
  8. In-depth training will be give on all procedures and processes in relation to Product Defects, Complaints, Recalls, Alerts and Advisories.
  9. Meditec Medical understands the importance of clinical evidence and will ensure that Managers, Representatives and Supervisors have a high level of knowledge and understanding of clinical evidence relating to the relevant products.
  10. Decontamination procedures and processes will be reviewed with particular focus on any hospital specific requirements. Managers will be allocated responsibility to ensure that any specific hospital requirements are met.
  11. The delivery and installation requirements for each location will be confirmed and relevant Manager allocated responsibility to ensure that hospital specific requirements are understood and met.
  12. Managers regularly visit sites to ensure safe and effective delivery, collection and use of products.
  13. Review meetings relating to all above processes and procedures are held on a monthly basis or more regularly if required.

Employee training is the responsibility of Senior Management who retains all training records. Meditec Medical uses qualified trainers, e.g. Lelia Jennings, MISCP, Dip SHWW (Physiotherapy); Siobhan Prout, MSc. (Hon) Environmental Health Risk Management, and Dip. Infection Control, Dip. Management, RGN. CMIOSH; Mary Martin, D4 Consultancy.