MediAir Turn Sense

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Alternating rotational therapy with in-bed mobility monitor for effective and documented pressure care management. The MATS technology can be used to empower and encourage mobility goals.

Automatically stays inflated for 21 days in the event of a powercut.

MediAir Turn Sense Features

  • Designed for the most complex of cases
  • Alternating therapy
  • Rotational therapy
  • CPR
  • Polyurethane cover reduces the risk of shear and friction
  • In-bed mobility monitor
  • Monitors/records patients self-movement
  • Monitors / records assisted movements
  • Automatically stays inflated for 21 days in the event of a powercut
  • Suitable for up to, and including, grade 4
    pressure ulcer
  • Offers independent customization of left and right rotation tilt angles for complete control of patient care
  • Inbuilt Tilt Sensor also detects when bed is profiled and ensures extra air is applied to protect from bottoming out.
  • Rotation automatically shut off when bed profiled above 35 degrees for patient safety