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Meditec Medical, a wholly Irish owned company, with headquarters in Dublin, has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting edge technology in the area of pressure relief mattresses, and patient support surfaces. We are driven to the provision of products, supported by clinical evidence, in order that the healthcare professional can enhance patient care.

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Introducing the most competitively priced rotating mattress on the market

MediAir Turn is a breakthrough solution merging alternating pressure relief and rotation therapy. Designed for the most complex of cases, it offers customisation, CPR, and handles up to grade 4 pressure ulcers.

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When value and functionality meet.

Discover the benefits of our Hybrid mattress...

Medicare is a high specification therapeutic support surface that transforms into an alternating therapy system, blending both comfort and clinical effectiveness into one cutting-edge product. The castellated foam adapts to each patient, providing individualised comfort and increased pressure relief, suitable for up to grade 4 pressure ulcers. With moulded air channels and automatic cell alternation every 6 minutes, Medicare prioritises patient well-being and minimises caregiver manual handling.

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