Why Choose Us

Meditec Medical, a wholly Irish owned manufacturing company, with headquarters in Dublin, has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting edge technology in the area of pressure relief mattresses, and patient support surfaces. We are driven to the provision of products, supported by clinical evidence, in order that the healthcare professional can enhance patient care.

Meditec Medical is synonymous with quality innovative medical equipment. Today with a host of therapeutic support surfaces we can offer the most complete range of pressure relief surfaces for patients at any risk level, and in any setting. In addition to the provision of products manufactured by ourselves, we constantly seek out overseas manufacturers of premium medical equipment, in order that we can source products consistent with our standards, that will enable us to enhance patient care.

Why choose us:

  1. Reliable Performance in Power Outages: Our air products uniquely maintain inflation for an impressive 21 days without power, ensuring continuous support and peace of mind in any situation.
  2. Innovative Cell Design for Superior Comfort: Each product is intricately designed with 28 individual air cells, offering unmatched comfort and superior pressure distribution, to enhance patient care.
  3. Exclusive and Innovative Solutions in Ireland: We take pride in being the only company in Ireland committed to researching, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge pressure relief air mattresses. This commitment places us at the forefront of industry innovation and customer satisfaction.
  4. Unmatched After-Sales Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond your purchase. We provide exceptional after-sales service, ensuring that all your needs and concerns are promptly and efficiently addressed.
  5. Risk-Free Product Trials: We offer a unique opportunity for facilities to experience the quality of our products first-hand, with no obligation. Our free trial program, available upon agreement with our company, allows for a thorough evaluation of our products in your own environment, ensuring they meet your exact requirements.
  6. Interactive Education and Training days: If training or education on a particular product present in your facility is ever needed, a member of our dedicated team will call to provide this. Simply reach out to us to discuss arranging this and we will take care of the rest.



Meditec Medical were awarded the mattress contract to supply its New Innovative pressure relieving mattresses to the Northwell Health System.

These are specialized mattresses that will be the first line of defence in preventing and treating of pressure ulcers in the Emergency Departments within their hospitals. The mattress consists of new innovative technologies which contribute to achieving this goal.

Northwell Health continuously looks for innovative products – Meditec Medicals product, meets the needs of our clinical teams with an innovative product offering Northwell Health good value for our patients.

Phyllis McCready, Chief Procurement Officer, Northwell Health System

It is a huge achievement for us to win this contract. As a company, we have been very successful in the European market and are now breaking into the US market. Winning this contract from a hospital group like Northwell Health System continues to demonstrate that we are designing an innovative and very effective product to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers within an acute setting.

Alan Sullivan, President, Meditec Medical


Meditec Medical are constantly researching and designing new innovative products to prevent and treat pressure ulcers in patients and meet the needs of our global customer base. Meditec Medical currently supplies their award-winning support surfaces to healthcare institutions throughout Europe, UK, and the US.


As New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer, Northwell Health System’s mission is to improve the health of our communities. Our focus is on prevention, wellness, and providing the full continuum of diagnosis, treatment, and after- care services to all those we serve.


Meditec Medical has successfully won the contract with the Boston Children’s Hospital to manufacture and supply their Mediflex pressure relief mattresses to its entire hospital network. The contract includes ongoing technical support.

The Mediflex mattress system will assist Boston Children’s Hospital in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients.

David L Walsh, Director of Boston Children’s Hospital said: “After having the opportunity to meet Medtec companies through Enterprise Ireland, we became aware of a quality source and network of innovation that we had not yet tapped into and were extremely impressed with the overall quality and professionalism of the Meditec Medical team and their product offering. They exceeded any expectation we had and continue to excel. We look forward to working with the company going forward.

Commenting on the contract Alan Sullivan, President, Meditec Medical said: “We are striving to build scale and expand reach in international markets. Winning the tender further cements our efforts to win business in global markets and we are delighted to partner with an internationally accredited healthcare institution like the Boston Children’s Hospital. The team are constantly researching and designing new innovative products to prevent and treat pressure ulcers in patients and meet the needs of our global customer base. Diligence and confidence in our unique product and a well-planned export strategy through the support of Enterprise Ireland has helped us achieve our outstanding success”.

Meditec Medical currently supplies their award-winning support surfaces to healthcare institutions throughout Europe, UK and the US.