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The Q-Pro2000XT is a virtually silent, alternating air mattress that was designed for the most complex of cases and caters for all grades of pressure ulcers in a mattress replacement or overlay system.

The Q-Pro2000XT has out-performed its main competitors in laboratory evaluations such as interface pressure and skin tissue perfusion measurements. As well as
these physiological measurements, the Q-Pro2000XT has excellent evidence based patient outcomes.

It provides the lowest but most varied alternation time available on the market, from 60 seconds to 20 minutes in 60 second intervals.

Improve your patient care with this virtually silent alternating air mattress, suitable for both treatment and prevention.

Q-Pro2000XT Features

  • The Q-Pro2000XT is now more eco friendly, requiring 93% less electricity to operate
  • The upgraded pump now operates on a much lower audible range making it virtually silent
  • CPR Mode – Quick release allows deflation in 10 seconds
  • Alarms – Audio and visual
  • Offers alternating times as low as 60 seconds up to 20 minutes, increasing in 60 second intervals
  • Suitable for very high risk patients
  • Automatically stays inflated for 21 days in the event of a power-cut
  • Suitable for up to, and including, grade 4 pressure ulcer
  • Inbuilt Tilt Sensor also detects when bed is profiled and ensures extra air is applied to protect from bottoming out
  • Smooth Theraderm cover provides low friction and shear
  • Custom sizes available

Technical Specification

Support Surface Specification
Risk Very High Risk
Waterlow Scale 20
Length 198cm
Width 85cm
Height 18cm / 12cm (Fully Inflated)
Cell Construction 28 Upper / 16 Lower
Air Supply Controller Specification
Length 34cm
Height 27cm
Depth 16cm
Weight 4kg
Alternating Cycle Time 60 seconds – 20 mins (60 second intervals)
Alternating Cycle Type 1 in 2
Airflow Output 16 litres / min
Electrical Rating 220V-240V, 2 amp, 50Hz


Based on standard size, contact us for any custom requirements.