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The Q-PRO2000XT caters for all grades of pressure ulcers in a mattress replacement
or overlay system.

The Q-PRO2000XT has out-performed its main competitors in laboratory evaluations such as Interface pressure and skin tissue perfusion measurements. As well as
these physiological measurements the Q-PRO2000XT has excellent evidence based patient outcomes.

Automatically stays inflated for 21 days in the event of a powercut.

Q-Pro2000XT Features

  • Designed for the most complex of cases
  • The Q-Pro2000XT is now more eco friendly, using much less electricity to operate.
  • The upgraded pump now operates on a much lower audible range making it virtually silent.
  • CPR – Quick release allows deflation in 10 seconds.
  • Patient Weight – Suitable for patients weighing up to 180 kg.
  • Alarms – Audio and visual.
  • Requires 93% less electricity to operate.
  • Offers alternating times as low as 60 seconds up to 20 minutes, increasing in 60 second intervals.
  • Suitable for very high risk patients.
  • Automatically stays inflated for 21 days in the event of a powercut
  • Suitable for up to, and including, grade 4 pressure ulcer.
  • Inbuilt Tilt Sensor also detects when bed is profiled and ensures extra air is applied to protect from bottoming out.